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A collection of crystals for protection, dispel negativity and to keep your home and self safe. Crystals have been used amulets, talisman and protection charms for thousands of years. Different cultures and belief systems have used gemstones from the Egyptians and Incas to the Native American and Scottish Picts. 

Here are a collection of the most powerful and well used crystals for protection. 

Black Tourmaline (Most powerful protection)

Shungite (EMF protection.)

Scottish Jasper (Used by Picts protect their children)

Smokey Quartz (Especially good for protecting the home)

Obsidian (Wiccan Protection and grounding stone)

Place there crystals in the four corners of your home to create a protective grid. You can also place at your desk, or front door to shield your home from negativity. 

All of Crystal sections can be found below or a selection of Tourmaline, Jasper and Obsidian can be found in our "CALM" boxes.