Tourmaline is a wonderful gemstone that comes in almost every colour! The most powerful and traditionally most significant protection stone.Black tourmaline known as Schorl, it is considered to be the tourmaline with the highest positive energy. It is said to encourage an optimistic outlook and bring good luck and happiness. This gemstone is also said to honour Manat, the Arabian goddess of Fate and Time.


Healing: Repels and protects against negativity. Increases physical vitality, emotional stability and intellectual acuity. Tourmaline calms nerves, regulates hormones, fights against genetic disorders. Tourmaline induces a tranquil sleep. Relieves arthritis pain, helps fighting heart diseases.

Ancient Egyptians believed that tourmaline had such an impressive variety of hues because it broke through a rainbow while pushing its way up to the Earth. During this journey, it gathered all the beautiful colors. An interesting story indeed!