RARITY - Amethyst with specific elements. 

Price per tumblestone. 



Healing:Associated with the thrid eye and crown chakra, Aids heachaches and insomnia. Can help calm hyperactivity. Benefiicial for those on the Autistic and Aspergers scale. Keeps anxieties and agitation low. Auralite 23 helps to balance and realign ones resonant .Auralite 23 helps to cleanse and purify, acknowledging and releasing deeply held negative patterns of anxiety, depression and resentment. Allows one to view life with a positive, open, loving awareness.


Cool Facts: Auralite 23 is the name given to a chevron form of Amethyst from the Boreal forest area of Canada. It is said to contain up to 35 elements which include, Aluminium, Calcium, Copper, Gold, Iron, Lead, Magnesium, Manganese, Sodium, Sulphur and Titanium. These elements are found in within this crystal as inclusions of various minerals such as Bornite, Cacoxenite, Hematite, Magnesite and Rutile, to name a few.


Auralite 23 (Rare Amethyst)






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