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Crystals for February's Rowan Full Moon

Last month we began a new Full Moon crystal recommendation series, this time focusing on the Celtic Lunar Tree Calendar. This is a calendar based on the lunar cycles of the moon and their associations with the ancient Celtic alphabet of the Ogham- an alphabet which represents various trees and their symbology. While much of Celtic culture and beliefs have been lost to time, from the small amount of evidence we have, we believe the Celts perceived trees as sacred doorways to the underworld and heavens and in Irish belief they acted as the resting places of souls.

February's Full Moon - 5th of February

February's Tree is the Rowan Tree, which has long been associated with the Goddess and later Saint Brigid. A Goddess worshipped in ancient times by the Irish and the Scottish, who was later adopted into the Catholic canon as a Saint. Brigid is a goddess of the hearth, fire, healing, smith-craft, poetry, wells and fertility. This means the Rowan tree is often a symbol of protection, personal power, potential and success.

An image of Brigid, also known as St Brigid or Bridhe

Our affirmation this month is based around the concept of personal power, strength and determination. Sometimes we can forget just how powerful we are and for some reason find it easier to think about our weaknesses/faults than our strengths. This affirmation will help remind you to focus of your strengths and the capabilities you have.


Carrying on this theme of inner power we have three different crystal recommendations. They all have properties to do with building inner confidence, strength and trust and can be used this month in mediation, affirmations, ritual or simply placed near you, carried with you, or used to decorate your space/altar.

Amazonite sphere available here

Amazonite moons available here


Amazonite is a powerful crystal associated with the heart and throat chakra. Often associated with the warrior women of the Amazon, it is a fortifying crystal that helps bring inner strength and courage. It is also said to boost your creativity and help with honest communication, both with yourselves and others. This can be a great crystal choice if you struggle to trust yourself and if you don't feel like you communicate your true meaning very well.

Tigers Eye goddess carving available here

Tigers Eye Generator available here

Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye is the ultimate crystal for confidence. It helps bring self worth, amplifying your positive inner voice. It also helps to stabilise the mood as well as being said to be excellent at increasing your willpower. Associated with your Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root chakra, it is deeply grounding and stabilising, so great if you feel like your mood can often fluctuate. Keep some near you in jewellery form, in your pocket or around your home to increase your inner confidence and power.

Snow Quartz point available here

Snow Quartz Point available here

Snow Quartz

February is a time often associated with beautiful snowdrops and this is also true of the Goddess Brigid, who is also associated with the beautiful while flower. They themselves are seen as a symbol of new beginnings, rebirth, perseverance and hope. The same could be said of Snow Quartz, which is a powerfully positive crystal that helps banish negativity and clear energetical blockages. Use this while mediating, doing your affirmations or place around the home to help clear away any lingering negative energies for a fresh start.

To see the full moon this month (which is traditionally referred to as the Snow Moon) in the UK, head outside on the evening of the 5th of February to catch a glimpse if the weather permits and don't forget to use this opportunity to cleanse and charge your crystals (just leave them out overnight somewhere they can soak in the moonlight all night).

If you would like some crystal recommendations based around the traditional full moon names we have a whole series on our blog

Love & Light

-The Crystal Shop St Andrews


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